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The South East Asia-Middle East-West Europe 4 (SEA-ME-WE 4) project is the fourth project in the SEA-ME-WE series. On 27th March 2004, a consortium of 16 international telecommunications companies signed construction and maintenance agreements for the new optical fibre submarine cable system linking South East Asia to Europe via the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East with Terminal Stations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria and France.

The total length of the SEA-ME-WE 4 submarine cable system will span approximately 20,000 km which consists of the main backbone across the Eastern and Western worlds plus the extension links in various countries. The system is amongst the most economical cable systems in the region and will be built with state-of-the-art Terabit DWDM technology to achieve ultra-fast terabit per second connectivity. The project will support telephone, internet, multimedia and various broadband data applications.

Currently, the SEA-ME-WE 3 cable system is fully functional and will continue to be operational during its expected lifespan. This cable will also support SEA-ME-WE 4 for restoration and vice versa.

The SEA-ME-WE 4 submarine cable benefits hundreds of millions of people communicating along the route between Singapore, France and beyond.

Landing points are:

  • France (Marseille)
  • Algeria (Annaba)
  • Tunisia (Bizerte)
  • Italy (Palermo)
  • Egypt (Alexandria)
  • Egypt (Suez)
  • Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)
  • United Arab Emirates (Fujairah)
  • Pakistan (Karachi)
  • India (Mumbai)
  • Sri Lanka (Colombo)
  • India (Chennai)
  • Bandladesh (Cox's Bazar)
  • Thailand (Satun)
  • Malaysia (Melaka)
  • Singapore (Tuas)

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